Rotherham, England

Had these people in to fit a number of blinds - fitted wrong colour and fitted the clamps on the wrong way on one window! Also used a hammer drill on plasterboard so made a complete mess. Charged extra to refit a curtain rail that fell down after 30 minutes. Complete joke.

Contacted them, promised to come and sort "after holiday" but never came; ignored our calls.

Totally rubbish company.

As for the anon comments, please leave a number in response that you will answer and I'll happily give you feedback over the phone, or come back and sort out the job!

Review about: Jaynes Blinds Curtains And Carpets Installation.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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if they fit the WRONG COLOUR then why in the *** did you pay for it, why not say on the day "i refuse to pay as it is the wrong colour" simple .... but i bet you ordered a odd colour ...

decided you did not like it .. and came up with a daft story to cover up ... end of day ... you paid ...

so you accepted .. so deal with it and stop crying like a little baby


i posted the previous comment over 6 months ago,nobody has been in touch, so as suspected this review is bogus and should be removed from the site ..


I do not know about the supposed ignored phone calls I have no idea about that, did you ever follow up with the complaint to us in writing, as I don't Ever recall reading about this type of problem, I will willing look at you issue but I need more details, please submit in writing, to the address on your receipt, or call the head office on 01302 247214 for the address or by email to

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